Harpeth Art Center and Gallery began as Mud Puddle Pottery Studio in 2004. In November 2009, Mud Puddle Pottery Studio expanded its operation when it moved to a new facility and became a gallery supporting middle Tennessee artisans, a teaching facility for various art mediums, including pottery, stained glass, photography, painting, fiber arts and jewelry. Mud Puddle Pottery Studio is also a distributor of clay, supplies and equipment.


Sharon Ingram, Owner
My inspiration comes from the masters of functional works in clay, which has always challenged me to explore surface and form. I began working in ceramics in 1979 where I spent a decade pouring molds, altering and cutting in to forms. My next steps led me to find that my passion would be in clay, working on the wheel and discovering the fluidity of slab manipulation, stretching, and continually pushing clay to its limits.

My vision is to cultivate the growth of others in the expression of arts and to bring together the spirit of community. I continually grow through the experiences that I share with other artists and students.

As a customer of The Harpeth Art Center and Gallery, you will experience a personal touch. Our gallery features professional middle Tennessee Artisans.