Catron Wallace

Artist Name: Catron Wallace

Medium/Technique: Acrylic Paintings

Catron is a 20 year professional abstract artist now living in Nashville TN by way of Mississippi.

Of her art Catron states, “Creating art is like breathing, it’s a necessity for life. Abstraction gives me the freedom to translate my emotions into visual symphonies. My goal is to soak in the world around me and put it to canvas in a way that is beautiful and thought provoking. The natural world and its beauty routinely influences my work.”

She consistently challenges herself to try new styles and mediums. Acrylic paint is her foundation but sand, coffee grinds, and things from nature are no stranger in her studio. Brushes are her hands and anything they can hold.

Her hope is that people connect with her work on an emotional level and leave feeling encouraged to explore their own emotions and way of viewing the world in a more creative manner .