Artist Name: Glenn e Taylor (When Heat Meets Rust)

Medium/Technique: Metal Sculptures

Growing up in rural New Tazwell, Tennessee creativity and a vivid imagination were a necessity in a town where children were responsible for their own entertainment. Where arcades and movie theaters didn’t exist, the great outdoors became Glenn Taylor’s canvas while scraps of metal and other discarded items became his medium. One could definitely conclude that his childhood beginnings played a pivotal role in the artist he would later become.

After serving in the U.S. Army, Glenn settled in Nashville, Tennessee and became a trusted name in the commercial construction industry. Through one construction project at a time, his company helped transition Nashville into a commercial hub for the healthcare, banking and music industries. After long ignored injuries from his time in the military finally demanded his retirement, Glenn found renewed strength and purpose in creating unique pieces of art from scrap metal.

Still residing in Middle Tennessee with his wife of 42 years. Today you can find his work displayed at local art shows and fairs, where you may meet the artist, Having never met a stranger and Glenn’s love for sharing the history behind his unique pieces will surely bring a smile to your face if you ever have the opportunity to meet him.