Karla Deal


Artist Name: Karla Deal

Medium/Technique: Copper Art

I’m a self taught artist residing in Nashville, TN working with the copper element via a patina process to create truly unique, one of a kind pieces. The copper element has endless possibilities when creating a patina with a very elegant, distressed and modern end result.

All pieces in my copper patina process are one of a kind. No 2 pieces will ever be the same. The process begins by aging the copper, acquired from rolls. The aging/patina process is done in a combination of ammonia baths, vinegar and salt. The copper baths can last from a few hours to several days, depending on temperatures, humidity, desired colors, etc. Many variables can and will determine the length of time in the necessary baths. Sometimes colors are also achieved via torching the copper panels once they are thru soaking in the baths.

Once the copper has been aged and the desired patina color(s) have been achieved, the panels are cut and applied to wood or barn wood. The design process is simply what I feel flows well, given the final piece I am creating. All pieces are finished off with copper tacks.

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